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Collect your friends and join The Shelf Life Project, designed to promote thinking and cultivate action in service of enhancing quality of life as we age. There's no better way to foster change. 

This discussion series focuses on various age-related issues explored in The Shelf Life of Ashes: a Memoir, and will create a space in which to share our challenging concerns and questions.  Three key questions will trigger the conversation: 

                        .  What defines a high quality of life as we age?  Even more than defining this, in the context of physical, spiritual, and social wellbeing, how can we begin to implement these qualities in our lives –  now?

                        .  What are the consequences of denial, and how does it play a part in your aging process? What are the things you find impossible to think about?

                        . What are the perils of care giving?  Is there a time when doing the right thing, however daunting and unpleasant, can offer surprise and transformation? 

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